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Giving back as a way of saying thank you

Published on
Mar 6, 2021

Rizal Province - home of Antipolo, Rodriguez, and San Mateo - is along the slopes of Sierra Madre mountain range which has become one of the catch-basins of rainwater in Luzon. And as Typhoon Ulysses hits the province, rivers overflowed. Thousands of residents living near and along the Marikina River were greatly affected.

One of the challenges for local government units is not just to help residents evacuate to higher grounds, but also to do this while observing social distancing and protecting everyone's health.

Shawarma Shack, a food brand owned by Walther Uzi Buenavista, saw these calamities as an opportunity to help and give back to the community. One of the company's missions is to always help communities in need.

Take a look at what transpired during the Shawarma Shack Care mission in Rizal Province, watch the video here.

The company's recent outreach mission was for the communities in Rizal Province affected by Typhoon Ulysses. As a way of giving back, they sent "Shawarma Shack Cares" which includes a bag of goods and water. They identified the barangays that were hit hardest by the typhoon through the assistance of local government leaders like Mayor Cristina Diaz.

Even if the company got the go-signal that everything is clear and safe to travel, it was still a tough trip since hundreds of residents were living in areas that motor vehicles cannot access. But the team managed to meet the residents in the nearest barangay halls and evacuation centers that their trucks can reach.

One of the recent efforts of Shawarma Shack was during the wrath of the Taal Volcano eruption in Batangas, Shawarma Shack sent a relief operations team and had an outreach mission for those affected. The company also offered help and gave donations to the medical and safety frontline workers during the start of the current health situation.

There is nothing more fulfilling and heartwarming to a company than to see communities and its residents smiling and being thankful despite everything that they have gone through. It just goes to show that Filipinos are more than just resilient.

During the hardest times, it is important to share what we have and give what we can, so that when the situation is reversed, there will also be a helping hand coming your way - because life is an unending cycle of giving and receiving.

Source: ABS CBN News