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Published on
Oct 25, 2021

Typhoon Maring brought upon strong rains and heavy floods in themountainous regions in the northern parts of the Philippines on October 11-12,killing at least 30 in just two days and affecting several hundred families orover 2,000 individuals more in Cagayan Valley and the Cordillera AdministrativeRegion.

Hoping to provide immediate relief to these people who werebadly affected by the recent disaster, Shawarma Shack Corporation drove trucksto municipalities of Sudipen in La Union, Sta Maria in Ilocos Sur, and Baggaoin Cagayan carrying relief goods.


Emphasizing adesire to bring a flash of joy to affected families are bright yellow bags thatwere handed out by the company to the affected families. Each bag carries foodpacks that include a variety of canned goods, instant noodles, rice, and packsof bottled water.

All of these wereprepared specifically to answer the immediate needs of the residents whileaccess to food remained tough after the destruction caused by the typhoon. Thecompany hopes to put a smile on their faces after days of heavy rains.

With this initiative,Shawarma Shack was able to reach out to 1,500 families, all of them coming frombarangays San Francisco Sur, San Francisco Norte and Bigbiga in La Union;Barangay Cabaroan and Butir in Ilocos Sur; and Barangay Masical, Taytay, BarsatWest and Bitag Grande in Cagayan.

As the first and originalbuy-one-take-one shawarma business in the Philippines, Shawarma Shack hasforged itself as a brand that’s in tune with the needs of Filipino people, asshown by its snack offerings that manage to be affordable yet clean, filling,and high quality at the same time.

These qualities have madethe business popular among customers, as shown by its rapid store expansion toa wide network of over 500 branches across the archipelago, even in the face ofcoronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic disruptions.

With its fruitfulbusiness, the company has launched various initiatives in the past severalmonths to give back to the community that contributed to its success, throughextending a helping hand to Filipinos in the midst of a pandemic crisis and intimes of calamities.

Through its communityefforts, Shawarma Shack believes in the importance of bayanihan in helpingFilipinos emerge victorious and thrive, whatever disasters and crises they willhave to face.



Source: News 5