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Published on
Oct 8, 2021

As the pandemic crisis continuesto escalate and wreak havoc among Filipino families, Shawarma Shack is rampingup its support for the nation’s frontliners to help them combat the spread ofCOVID-19 in the community.

Philippine National Police (PNP)Chief PGEN Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar has conferred a plaque of appreciation andtoken to Shawarma Shack Corporation in extending invaluable assistance to itsofficers who are braving the streets every day to control the spread of thevirus.

From left to right PBGEN ERIC E NOBLE – Director, Police Community AffairsDevelopment Group; PBGEN MARIO A REYES – Director, Logistics Support Service;Ms. Patricia Collantes-Buenavista, Vice President of Shawarma Shack; PGENGUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR – Chief PNP; Mr. Walther Uzi Buenavista, President& CEO of Shawarma Shack; Mr. Glenn Pasamanero, Shawarma Shack Consultant;PBGEN RONALDO E OLAY – Acting Director for Logistics.

The awards were received by thecompany’s President and CEO Walther Uzi Buenavista on October 4 at the PNP StarOfficers’ Lounge, PNP National Headquarters in Camp BGen Rafael Crame, QuezonCity.

Buenavista and his wifepersonally visited Eleazar in his office to delightfully lead the ceremonialturnover of 150 sacks of rice from Shawarma Shack to PNP as a means of supportto police personnel, a continuation of its efforts to back the nation’sfrontliners in combatting the pandemic crisis.

As of October 5, 2021, COVID-19has infected as much as 2.6 million Filipinos since it was first detected lastyear, and has claimed the lives of nearly 39,000, which has left severalthousands of families robbed of their loved ones while they themselves continueto fend for their lives. Metro Manila was especially hit hard, where over 3,000cases are being recorded daily in the capital alone.

This crisis situation underscoresa need to act fast and curb the fast spread of the virus to minimize itscatastrophic effects, and to support the nation’s efforts to achieving thisgoal.

This was not the first timeShawarma Shack has extended support in uplifting the lives of Filipinos incrisis situations, whether with COVID-19 pandemic or with natural disasters.The company has also previously donated 100 sacks of rice to the police inMetro Manila to back their pandemic response efforts.

Last May, Shawarma Shack hadprovided logistical support to the first responders of the Philippine CoastGuard (PCG) and relief goods to Filipinos hit by a volcanic eruption and scoresof typhoons on top of having to deal with a pandemic crisis.

Shawarma Shack boasts the firstand original buy-one-take-one shawarma in the country, garnering the appeal ofFilipinos who crave for a clean, affordable afternoon snack. The company’smodern food facility operates with advanced state-of-the-art equipment usingsmart technology to drive efficiency.

Above all, it prirotizes meetingthe highest standards in food hygiene and sanitation, and ensuring that onlythe freshest high-quality ingredients are used for their offerings. This goesto show that they do not need to compromise on quality to maintain affordability.

These qualities have resulted inthe company’s wide store network of over 500 branches nationwide, remainingunfazed even in the face of the pandemic disruptions, and its franchisees areassured of innovation, real profitability, and fast returns.

Giventhis success, Shawarma Shack has dedicated itself to giving back to thecommunity that supported its growth and extending back support in times ofgreat need, organizing outreach programs and offering in-kind assistance tohelp Filipinos in times of disaster and crisis.

Source: News TV5